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Hi ONE Bar fans!

My name is Ashley, and I’m a Nike Trainer based in Los Angeles.


I started boxing more than 10 years ago, and to this day I love sharing my passion for boxing with my clients.

I get a lot of questions about boxing: why I got into it, what are the best things about it, why it’s a good workout, etc.

So I wanted to share my reasons for loving boxing, as well as to provide some tips to help you get started.

When I first started training, boxing wasn’t as cool as it is now. People were intrigued by it, but they didn’t know too much about it. Now, when I mention boxing or Martial Arts training, it’s more well-known and accepted. Especially in the last few years, boxing has become more mainstream and very “COOL”.

I especially love the rise of female boxing.

More and more women are taking up the sport as a different way to do cardio.

When it began to take off in popular culture and social media, I started taking on clients specifically for Boxing Fitness Training. Pretty soon, our Boxing Diaries events became a super popular way for women to come together, box, sweat a bit and take part in some fun giveaways—including my favorite on-the-go protein snacks, ONE Bars.

ONE Blog guest author Ashley Guarrasi

More recently, I lived in NYC for a year teaching classes for Rumble Boxing and helped run their social media. I saw firsthand how I could use my boxing knowledge to help others through female empowerment. I am so stoked that boxing is “cool” now… or as I like to tell my clients, “boxing is the new black.”

So what makes boxing such a great workout? For me, it’s because it involves the mind and the body.

It challenges you mentally and really makes you think. You have to learn the choreography of boxing, and you need to be switched ON the whole time.

One of my favorite workouts as of late is an event/class that I co-teach with my good friend @healthfulmichelle. It includes shadowboxing, strength training, body weight movements and core strength. It’s so much more than what we usually would think of as a boxing workout. It’s fully body, great cardio, and so much FUN!

In addition, boxing can really bring people together. It’s amazing to feel that energy and have people get out of their comfort zones. Lots of women are intimidated when they first come in the gym, but once they relax a bit and get out of their comfort zone, they realize that boxing is great stress relief and SO MUCH FUN.

Here are some tips to help you get started with boxing.

  • Try a class with friends first. It’s lots of fun, and it’s less intimidating than jumping in with a bunch of strangers wearing big gloves.
  • Be patient and start slow. Don’t expect to learn everything the first day! It’s a totally new skill set and it takes time.
  • Once you get the idea, try a one-on-one session with a great instructor. They can help you get more technical knowledge of the sport, and you’ll learn more than you ever could in a normal class.
  • And of course, have FUN!

I’m sharing my boxing story because of what it did for me and my life. If it even impacts or encourages one person to try it and or empowers someone, then it’s totally worth it!

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Ashely Guarrasi
Credentials & Certifications:
Ashely Guarrasi
Credentials & Certifications:

Nike Trainer Specializing in Functional Movement & Boxing Fitness

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