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Hello! My name is Jera Introvert Foster-Fell… ok, I’m joking. My real middle name is Marie. But I am truly an introvert at heart, in addition to being a full-time content creator, Insta strategist and ONE Blog guest author.

People often associate being an introvert with being shy and quiet, but it’s really more about where you get your energy from.

Extroverts thrive on being social. Being in groups energizes them. On the other hand, introverts can certainly be social and outgoing people, but they find that being in group settings actually drains their energy, and they need to recharge by having alone time.

In the current climate of self-quarantine and shelter in place, we are very much living in an introvert’s world. For the last couple of months, our “new normal” has been staying inside most of the time, not seeing friends and family, and working from home. As a result, we’re missing out on the day-to-day interactions that we usually take for granted while commuting or grabbing a coffee from our local cafe.

Catch Up With Friends

I think it’s incredibly important for everyone (especially introverts) to continue to connect and be social during this time, in spite of the limitations we face. Here are 6 tips to help you do just that. You’ve probably already been doing some of these instinctively over the past few weeks.

1. Schedule Zoom calls with friends and family, even just for a quick catch up!

It’s important to keep in touch with those that we love. We may be physically alone, but hearing the voices and seeing the faces of our loved ones creates a much-needed sense of connection. I find that I sometimes put off calls because they can easily take up a lot of time, but there’s nothing wrong with scheduling a quick catch up call that’s 5-15 minutes long. I actually think that having several shorter calls with someone dispersed through the month is better than one long call!

2. Create a sense of community in your apartment building or neighborhood.

The other day, there was a little piece of paper outside of my apartment door with a note from my neighbor. She had created a Whatsapp group for everyone on our floor. I thought that was such a lovely idea! It’s been great connecting with my neighbors and getting to know them more. Whatever your micro-community looks like, there’s probably someone nearby that would appreciate the interaction.

3. Join some Facebook groups to connect to people in your field or with similar interests.

I know a lot of people my age don’t actively use Facebook these days, but I would encourage you to hop back on this platform and start joining some groups. There is a Facebook group for every interest, career or hobby that you could possibly imagine! Join in on one and spend some time connecting with people all over the world.

4. Send a care package to a friend

We can’t hang out in person, but you can still show your love by getting creative and sending a care package to a friend. Some ideas of things to include:

  • A card
  • A puzzle or board game
  • Your favorite book
  • Some healthy snacks, including (of course) powerfully delicious ONE Bars in your favorite flavors like Blueberry Cobbler and Birthday Cake.
  • A pair of cozy sweatpants
  • Your favorite recipes

5. Join in on IG Live workouts.

If you’re missing out on the energy that group exercise provides, check out all of the awesome live workouts happening on IG LIVE! You can work out in real time with your favorite exercise pro, and you can see the number of people who are also following along with you! It’s not the same as a real class, but it can get pretty close.

6. Strike up conversations where you can.

There will be times where you head outside to take your dog for a walk, to get groceries, or to go for jog. If there’s an opportunity to strike up a conversation while keeping appropriate distance, do so! A simple “how are you?” can really go a long way for both you and others.

For both introverts and extroverts, relationships with others are such a crucial part of our well being—moreso now than ever!

It’s easy to feel alone while at home—but if you put in some effort and even get a little creative, you may feel even more connected than before.

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