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Hello, squad! I’m Lacey Stone, celebrity trainer from E!’s Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian and regular guest expert on The Doctors. You may work out with me on my virtual training platform, in my Zoom classes, at my home studio THE WALL in Los Angeles, or maybe you get training tips from me over on Instagram.

2020 has not been what I expected… AT ALL.

In my line of work, gyms and studios shut down locally on March 16th, and we had to make a pivot to working out at home and mostly alone. Things are slowly starting to open back up, but it’s still going to be a while before gyms and clubs are back to normal. Until then, we’re still pretty much on our own! These are a few of my favorite ways to still get in a great sweat while social distancing.

Open spaces

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard (which is not so common in cities like mine), get out into the grass to work out. There’s science that says contact with soil can positively affect your mood and combat depression! No yard? No problem. Hit a park in your area. Just be mindful of others’ personal space.

Go next level

If you live in a multi-level apartment building, hit the stairs! Stair running is a GREAT cardio workout and effectively tones your lower body. When you get out of breath, do incline push-ups to work your shoulders and arms and let your heart rate recover. Be sure to clean all rails and surfaces you touch before and after your workout!

Lacey Stone At-Home Workout

Get connected

Get in on a live digital workout in your home! There’s tons of on-demand content out there (including my virtual training platform). If you’re missing live connectivity with your friends and gym buddies, sign up for a Zoom workout together! You get to see each other’s faces, connect with your instructor directly in real time, and feel the burn. Some of my clients take their devices outside with them for a boost of vitamin D while getting in our workouts together online.

Find your stride

NEVER—and I mean never—underestimate the effectiveness of a long walk. According to the American Heart Association, simply moving your body at a steady pace for 30 minutes a day 3 times a week, can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and promote fat loss. And nothing clears the mind like a nice long walk.

Whatever workout you choose, it’s still mega important to limit potential contamination as much as possible. Wear a mask or face shield if you expect to be near other people. If you work out at a park or open space, be sure to still bring cleansing wipes with you to clean any surfaces you come into contact with both before and after you use them. That way, you’re protecting yourself and whoever comes along next.

Your post-workout routine is almost as important as the workout itself.

You need to nourish your body (and specifically your muscles) with protein right after any workout, but especially an intense one. Women in particular need to be mindful of getting enough protein in their diets daily. Without fail, I grab a ONE Bar after I work out. Those 20 grams of protein help my muscles recover and get the nutrition they need to keep on keeping on! BONUS: they taste like a treat. My fave is Almond Bliss, which reminds me of a candy bar!

In these unprecedented times, don’t forget to take personal responsibility for hygiene in shared spaces as you safely begin to venture out again. I also encourage you to keep up with your fitness routine with at-home workouts. Some of my clients are getting into the best shape of their lives because they have more time than ever to get in a workout without commute times cutting in.

And time is a nonrenewable resource, baby.

What are YOU doing to stay strong physically and mentally during this time of social distancing? If you’re looking for an endorphin boost, I encourage you to try one of the ideas above. Let’s move our ONE and only bodies.


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Lacey Stone
Credentials & Certifications:
Lacey Stone
Credentials & Certifications:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Certified

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