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Hello ONE Bar family! We hope you’re all safe and well at home. Here at ONE Brands, we’re trying to make quarantine as sweet as it can possibly be—without all the sugar, of course. That’s the idea behind #ONEHome, a series of posts, videos and daily positivity from your favorite ONE Blog guest authors to help you thrive despite uncertain times. Today, we’d like to share some advice about staying on the right track while you’re at home.

Let’s be real. None of us have been in a stay-at-home situation like this before, and we’re all struggling to be our best selves when no one else is looking. But challenging times can also be lasting sources of inspiration for people like us who are used to setting (and crushing) personal goals. There’s no shortage of advice to be found on the Internet right now, of course—but we find these four tips to be the most important when it comes to improving your health and maintaining your sanity.

Get plenty of sleep.

The most common piece of advice for any fitness routine or stressful situation is still the most important one. Getting enough sleep will help you feel refreshed in the morning and ready to handle the day’s uncertainty.

Seven hours of sleep per night should be considered the bare minimum for adults.

Try to avoid phones, tablets and screens of all sorts for 30 to 60 minutes before heading to bed so you have a chance to clear your head. We don’t sleep on this tip… that’s why it’s first on the list.

Work From Home — ONE's Home Workout Kit
How to stay on track while you're staying at home: 1. #ONEHOME for new moves and inspiration via video 2. Mat since we don't have padded floors like the gym 3. Water bottle because hydration always matters 4. Protein snack to fuel up right or start your recovery 5. Positivity because we can do this together

Exercise at home like you normally exercise.

The working-from-home struggle is real… and so is the working-out-from-home struggle. Try to follow your usual routine as closely as you can—just adapted for whatever equipment access you have at home. If you usually do a core workout in the morning at the gym, transfer that practice to your stay-at-home schedule. Likewise, if you typically do a HIIT session or other group activity after work, find a similar class online and get busy!

Eat healthy during quarantine.

Limited access to grocery stores is a huge 180 from our typical world of conveniences. Most authorities recommend shopping for one or two weeks at a time to minimize exposure. Make sure you’re coming home from the store with a combination of fresh produce (wash it well, of course) to use right away and non-perishable products to boost your pantry. It’s perfectly OK to sneak in some comfort items like chocolate (like, say, a Chocolate Brownie ONE Bar) for whenever you need a little cheering up.

After you’ve followed the advice above on what to grab in your mad dash through the supermarket, we suggest spending some time prepping. Check out this blog post by Madeline of Madeline Moves for some great suggestions about making the most out of what you bring back home. It’s from 2019, so it wasn’t written with “quarant-eating” in mind—but pretty much all of the advice Madeline gives is applicable to our current situation. You might just find that preparing meals in advance is just what the doctor ordered because it helps you maintain a little “social distancing” from the less healthy options in your fridge.

Keep your stress levels low. Stress comes in many forms right now. Job anxiety. Paying bills. Fear of the unknown. But paradoxically, one of the keys to staying healthy in times like this is keeping your stress levels as low as you can. Find your own combination of the activities suggested above—sleep, exercise and healthy eating—plus individual stress-busting favorites like meditation, reading, visualizing and so many more.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

Fortunately for all of us, good vibes are always contagious. Be sure to watch our social channels for more tips and a healthy dose of daily positivity via #ONEHome. We may be staying at home, but we can still stay on track!

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