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Hey ONE Bar crew! Rob here, back to share another set of workout finishers I’ve perfected during my time as a championship-winning professional athlete and physical trainer. This week, it’s a classic combo: Almond Bliss ONE Protein Bars and biceps.

Lots of exercises work your biceps. But this combination of moves really isolates the biceps and gives a good burn when you’re done. And just like an Almond Bliss ONE Protein Bar,

they’re a great way to transition from workout to recovery and maximize your effort for the day.

Let’s hit it!



“Almond Bliss Biceps” workout

3 rounds of each exercise.

  • Hammer curls — 10 reps
Hammer Curls - 1
Hammer Curls - 2
  • Concentrated bicep curl — 10 reps each side, 3 second up/down
Concentrated Bicep Curl - 1
Concentrated Bicep Curl - 2
  • 21s — 7 half, 7 half-full, 7 full
21s Exercise Step 1
21s Exercise Step 2
  • Banded curls – go until failure
Banded Curls - 1
Banded Curls - 2

Watch the video closely to see how each exercise is done, and don’t hesitate to stop and work on your technique as often as necessary.

Check back next week for part three of the series.


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Rob Pannell
Credentials & Certifications:
Rob Pannell
Credentials & Certifications:

American Professional Lacrosse Player

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