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What’s happening, ONE fans? As a championship-winning professional athlete, a businessman and a physical trainer, I’ve accumulated a lot of great workout routines and tips that I regularly share with my teammates and clients. And now, I’m extremely excited I’ll be sharing some high-intensity workout finishers with you via VIDEO for the next six weeks.

Each workout is inspired by one of my favorite ONE Protein Bar flavors—and just like a ONE Protein Bar,

they’re great ways to finish your workout strong and get ready for recovery.

The first installment is called Birthday Cake Core, and it’s inspired by (you guessed it) Birthday Cake ONE Protein Bar, my very favorite flavor of all time. Roll it!


“Birthday Cake Core” workout

Repeat for 10 minutes.

  • Knee-to-elbow—10 reps each side
Knee-to-Elbow 1
Knee-to-Elbow 2
  • Burpee raises—10 reps
Burpee Raises 1
Burpee Raises 2
  • Suitcases—20 reps
Suitcases 1
Suitcases 2
  • Side-to-sides—15 reps each side
Side-to-Sides 1
Side-to-Sides 2
  • Toe-touches—30 reps
Toe-Touches 1

Watch the video closely to see how each exercise is done, and don’t hesitate to pause it frequently to practice and get the proper technique down.

Check back next week for another delicious way to wind down your workout!


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Rob Pannell
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Rob Pannell
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American Professional Lacrosse Player

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