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I feel like whenever I leave the house for a workout, I’m never leaving for just a workout. Anyone else feel that way? I mean, there’s always either errands that need to be run, a coffee date that needs to be had, or a necessary appointment wearing my registered nurse hat or my certified health coach hat. So needless to say, that my gym bag is never really just a gym bag, and my workout outfit is never really just for my workout. I mean, hello athleisure!!

I think it’s pretty safe to say this is the case for most of us.

We are living active lifestyles and are constantly on the go.

So in today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favorite items that help make the transition from in the gym to out of the gym easy and seamless. We’ll talk about nutrition a little bit later—you can probably guess where I’m going with that—but first, let’s chat about the outfit. As you know, I’m all about some good athleisure pieces. I don’t love workout clothes that made it look like I just came from the gym. I need a little more versatility and style, and these brands give it to me.

Gym Bag Essentials

Fit Atelier

This is a brand that I just discovered earlier this year, and I have already become a huge fan! Their brand screams luxury athleisure, and they carry all different styles. There something for everyone! Fit Atelier’s pieces range from tanks, long-sleeves, crops and zip-ups to leggings, joggers, track suits, and even jumpsuits and bodysuits! So many of their styles transition really well from a workout to going out-and-about. I can’t get enough of their Alala tracksuit, which is especially perfect now going into fall.


This is a shoe brand that you know I love! I originally discovered them because I was looking for a sneaker for Italy that would be comfortable for a lot of walking but still looked cute. (You’d be surprised how few options there are. It’s either like you have to get a gym sneaker that is comfortable but is not cute with everyday wear, or a sneaker that is cute but won’t withstand a lot of walking.) Well, I thought I was going to have to decide between one or the other until I stumbled upon ECCO. Their sneakers are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn, plus they are cute and versatile. I was sold first on their SOFT 7 sneaker from Italy, and I quickly wanted to branch out and try some of their other collections. Right now I’m loving their ST.1 W sneaker. It’s super comfortable for working out, but also transitions well into day-to-day.

JIV Athletics

This brand has quickly become one of my trusted favorites! So first things first… I think every woman knows how much the center seam in your leggings can make or break an outfit. Need I say more? JIV’s underwear instantly solves the issue of a dreaded center seam. Aside from this miracle, they also have sports bras which are super comfortable. All of their pieces are made with luxury fabrics sourced from Italy. Think breathable, wickable, tagless and ultra-comfortable. I mean, what more could you want?! JIV athletics is changing the game for how you feel in spandex.

Solo New York

They’ve been my go-to for all backpacks for several years now, and for good reason! Their bags are stylish, functional and have held up perfectly despite all my gym and airport trips. I own both their Elite Backpack (which is the one featured in this post) and the Kilbourn Leather Backpack. Both bags have multiple compartments, including ones specifically designed to hold your cell phone and laptop. Thoughtful functional additions like these plus the overall aesthetic have this backpack brand on the top of my list. They also carry a variety of other bag types.

Gym Bag Essentials - ONE Bar

ONE Bars

Okay now that we have our entire outfit covered, let’s talk about what’s really important: FOOD. You better believe I need to eat something pre- or post-workout. If I’m hangry while running around afterwards, that is not going to be a good time for anyone! So I’ve been keeping ONE Bars in my workout bag for the last year!

Needless to say, ONE Bars are the perfect on-the-go snack,

and packing your own snacks helps you avoid spending $10 on a post-workout protein smoothie. So, ONE Bars for the win!

High Brew Coffee

You know I love my coffee—I mean, just look at my Insta page and see how many times I’m drinking java in those shots. It’s mandatory every morning and sometimes way after morning! When I don’t have time to go out and grab a latte or just need a little jolt before I hit the gym, I love having a High Brew in my bag. They’re made with cold brew coffee so they’re super smooth, and they’re smaller cans that have a lot less calories than bottled frappuccinos and stuff like that. If you haven’t tried one yet go grab one.

Do any of you have anything else to add to this list? Anything to make our busy and active lifestyles easier is a must! xx Claire


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