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I absolutely love summer! The smell, the warm nights, the feeling like there’s always endless opportunity to do SOMETHING. With the sun rising by 6:30am and setting after 8pm, there are over 13 hours of sunlight every day! That gives us plenty of time and opportunity to have clear, intentional summer days in which we achieve as much (or as little) as we want.

Having a productive summer will look and feel like you haven’t wasted any of these precious days.

We should live each day with intention and with a purpose.

For the past three years, most of my summer mornings have been dedicated to marathon training. Waking up early before the sun and the heat is key. By 8am, I could have logged in 13 miles on a Sunday morning—while usually people are still tucked away under the sheets.

Don’t get me wrong—I am not saying you have to be outside all day long every day just because it is warm and sunny outside! Sometimes your body physically makes you just sit down and relax all day, or you have it planned in your schedule.

Having a day that is planned for relaxation and doing “nothing” is perfectly healthy and normal.

I call those recharge days.

Sometimes, recharge days become recharge weeks—and that’s OK too! I remember taking a trip on a sailboat for nine days. I had no cellphone service, and not being “connected” to the world really took me out my comfort zone. But I brought five books with me, and I was able to read three of them during that vacation. Having a pile of books to read during the summer is a great way to have recharge days that still feel intentional and productive. I would suggest having a variety of books—nonfiction, biography, fiction, self-development, etc.—so you don’t feel burned out or bored with any one kind of book.

How To Make The Most Of Your Long Summer Days!

10 Tips to Plan Out Your Summer

So, I recommend we treat each day this summer like an opportunity to accomplish daily goals. Make a schedule for yourself so you can plan out your day and see where your time goes. Here are ten simple tips to help you plan out your long summer days.

  1. Plan at least two physical activities each day, for one or two hours total. Examples: morning walk/afternoon surfing; morning workout/afternoon hike.
  2. Avoid binging TV shows—ABSOLUTELY nothing gets done when you do this.
  3. Make plans with friends & family. Don’t just let the days flow—have things planned!
  4. Know what is going on in your neighborhood! You can end up meeting the love of your life or a new best friend right down the street.
  5. Set a summer goal! It can be simple or very complex. Examples: learn to surf, study for the LSAT, train for something.
  6. ENJOY the sunset at least 1x a week. Trust me on this one.
  7. Look up more and not down at your phone. Set time for your phone, just not all day.
  8. Volunteer! This could be Wednesday at a soup kitchen or Saturday mornings with kids. You’ll feel great when you’re done.
  9. Be mindful and take time for yourself. Try journaling, hot baths, mani/pedi, etc.
  10. Before you go to bed, make sure you have your next day outlined. You’ll wake up with a purpose.

Live each day with intention and with a purpose — Ashley Joi

If you are unable to do any of these things on a given day, it’s OK. THERE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW. I am not saying each day of the summer you need to wake up at crack of dawn and stay up till the middle of the night living your best life. But let’s make this summer more intentional… with the amount of daylight available to us, this year can bring us the best summer yet!


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