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Hello again! I’m Rob, and I’m back with the sixth and final set of workout finishers I’ve developed during my time as a championship-winning professional athlete and physical trainer. This week, we bring together core muscle exercises with Maple Glazed Doughnut ONE Bars.

Working your core muscles is about much more than wanting six-pack abs.

Your core helps you do so many things in life—from bending over to picking things up to just sitting with good posture.

Do three rounds of each move, then grab a Maple Glazed Doughnut ONE Bar to really finish things off. Let’s go!



“Maple Glazed Doughnut Core” workout

3 rounds of each exercise.

  • Weighted sit-ups — 10 reps
Weighted sit-ups - 1
Weighted sit-ups - 2
  • Knee-elbow — 10 reps each side
Knee-elbow - 1
Knee-elbow - 2
  • Overhead sit-ups — 10 reps
Overhead sit-ups - Wide
Overhead sit-ups - Mid
  • Russian twists — 10 reps each side
Russian twists - Wide
Russian twists - Mid

And we’re done! I’d like to thank everyone who’s followed along with this video series. I hope you’ve incorporated some of these ideas into your workouts so you can finish strong each and every time. See you soon!


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Rob Pannell
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Rob Pannell
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American Professional Lacrosse Player

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