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Hey, you!

Lacey here, happy to be back with all you ONE Bar fans. I’m the celebrity trainer who invented the Comeback Camps, a series of mind/body transforming programs designed to kick your fitness into high gear. Today I’m here to bring you up to speed on the ONEder Women we’ve been meeting over the past few months on my Instagram page.

You might remember the really cool blog post back in the summer that introduced my three ONEder Women: Leah, Kristin and Nyesha. These superheroes from my Los Angeles-based and virtual Comeback Camps met up with me to tell their own unique stories that will hopefully inspire you to keep moving forward and reach your own goals. Here are some of the super inspirational answers they gave me in our conversations.

Leah Corselli

Leah is a professional working mom who moves easily from the “old boys club” (as an executive) at work to the “young boys club” (her two sons) at home. I met Leah about two years ago, and you might recognize her from my virtual squad. Here’s a portion of my Q&A sesh with Leah.

Lacey: I want to know what being a ONEder Woman means to you.
Leah: Being a ONEder Woman means pushing past whatever limitations I put on myself or others put on me. I can go in and crush a meeting, make it through a killer workout with Lacey, and also find the time to deliver cupcakes for my son’s birthday at school. You gotta figure out how to make it happen. There’s always going to be excuses, but you can push through.
Lacey: She’s a badass, guys!

Lacey: What is the one piece of advice that you would give a woman trying to be a great mom, a great wife, and a great businesswoman?
Leah: Keep it moving! That’s what I say to myself every single day. We’re always going to experience bumps in the road. You never let it slow you down, you keep it moving. Even when things are going really well, challenge yourself to change it up, keep moving, keep evolving.

Kristin Weitzel

Kristin is a whip-smart clean-eating guru who understands the science behind what works and what doesn’t when it comes to supplements. I met her in New York around 10 years ago before she came to my camps in LA. And now she’s an assistant coach! Here’s a taste of my talk with Kristin.

Lacey: What does it mean to you to be a ONEder Woman?
Kristin: Being a ONEder Woman to me means that I get to work on self-care, clean eating, and fitness and health in order to fill up my cup so I can serve everyone around me the best way possible.

Lacey: What are some creative ways you add more plants to your diet?
Kristin: I… put wheatgrass ice cubes in my water. I sneakily hide all the greens in my smoothies. Chocolate, any flavor… just shove those greens in and you have a snack during the day that you can grab and go. Then I throw a ONE Plant bar in my center console for when there’s traffic in LA.

Nyesha Joyce

Nyesha is a visionary chef who works hard to show people around the world that it’s possible to cook and eat decadently but also healthfully. She’s a member of the Stone Squad and a chef extraordinaire, which is pretty impressive. Here’s some of what Nyesha had to say.

Lacey: You are in a very male-dominated career and you’ve worked very hard to be at the level you’re at. How do you hope to inspire other women to do the same?
Nyesha: I think it’s important to find a mentor and to have upward mobility, and not allow other people to tell anyone that you cannot do something. That’s very important in this industry because people are always going to tell you that you can’t do something.

Lacey: What informs your decisions for pre-made snacks, and why do you like ONE Bars?
Nyesha: Honestly, informed decisions come from convenience, and this is prepackaged, delicious. I’m running around the city all day long, and if I need to eat something that tastes good and fuels me for success, I’m always going to choose the ONE Bar.
Lacey: Chef likes it. It must be good!

This has been SO MUCH FUN and such an inspiration for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed these conversations with these three ONEder Women, and that they’ve inspired and empowered you to become a ONEder Woman yourself in the way that works best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or us.

Coach Lacey

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