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May 22, 2019

Road Trips Done Right: Four Tips for Staying Healthy While On The Road

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Road Trips Done Right: Four Tips for Staying Healthy While On The Road

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. The open road. The windows down. The playlist full of your favorite songs. A full tank of gas and a car headed in any direction you choose. And… unfortunately, an SUV full of justifications for rediscovering some of the less-than-healthy habits you’ve put in the rearview mirror over the months and years.

While some treat road trips like extended cheat days, others double down on their commitments to health and wellness while they’re exploring new places.

If you’re in the latter group, we have some ideas to help you stay on track when you’re on the road. Here are the top 4 recommendations for fitness away from home, courtesy of your friends here at ONE Brands.

1. Stick to your daily routine, even in non-routine locations.

We rely on good habits—of both the mental and physical varieties—to keep us on the path towards our goal. Don’t let being in an unfamiliar location throw you off stride. If you typically get your core workout out of the way first thing in the morning, waking up in a hotel room or even a tent doesn’t have to change anything. Likewise, if you’re a late afternoon workout warrior, park the Prius at 4pm and get sweaty on a brisk walk or with a visitor pass at a local gym. Stick with what works when it works!

2. Eat light, pack heavy.

Before you take to the highway, stock up on the snacks and lunch items that make up your daily health and wellness routine. Fill a cooler with handy snacks like cut veggies, string cheese, pre-made smoothies (but watch the sugar!) and whatever else you like to nosh on, plus a whole bunch of zero-calorie drinks like flavored fizzy water and unsweetened cold brew coffees. And of course a handful of almonds, a spoonful of peanut butter and your favorite ONE Bar flavor are all convenient protein snacks that should help you stay alert behind the wheel for hours.

3. Bring your band.

Resistance bands help you get fitness center-quality workouts wherever you are. Fitness guru and ONE Blog guest author Madeline Moves noted in a recent blog post that resistance workouts provide “increased metabolic rate, better injury prevention and quicker recovery than cardio alone.”

Try to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts before you leave so they’re not totally alien to you.

Madeline recommends bands at home but especially when she’s on the road, since they “can replicate cable machines and dumbbells without weighing down your suitcase.” Sounds like a road-trip winner to us!

4. Give yourself a break.

Just putting it in park and getting out of the car for a bit can be good for your health. It gets your heart rate up (even if just a little bit) and reawakens your metabolism. Plus the long stretches of unbroken highway don’t feel so long when you divide them into bite-size chunks. So whether you’re taking a long hike in a National Park or just sitting at a picnic table and watching traffic go past, take a break from driving once in a while.

With a little planning and a lot of dedication, you can make your Memorial Day road trip another step in your journey towards lifelong health and fitness. And of course, you’re going to love all of the new places you see and the crazy things you do with your friends. Now, what are you waiting for? Gas up and go!

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